Henrique Perticarati's headshot standing over a light background: he is a white man with short brown hair and a mustache. He is wearing glasses and a dark t-shirt.

Henrique Perticarati

I'm a UX designer with strong Information Architecture foundations. I'm also a teacher and a mentor.
In my spare time, I conceive nostalgic mobile devices that nobody would use.
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This is a selection of my projects, focusing on IA, UI, and IxD.


iFood is the biggest food delivery app in Latin America. It connects 14mi users with 270k restaurants. In 2015 I led the UX team responsible for solving the user evasion problem on its onboarding and checkout funnels.

Image composition showing UX design deliverables: sketches, user flows, and mobile user interface mockups over a white background. In the center, iFood's logo is displayed in red.


Ahazou is a digital marketing assistant for 200k Brazilian local businesses. In 2019 I received the mission to redesign their  apps. This later allowed me to lead a UX chapter and an innovation squad.

Image composition showing UI design deliverables: mobile user interface mockups over a purple background. In the top center, Ahazou's logo is displayed in white.


Dash is a concept of a Design tool focused on productivity and usability for heavy users. In this project, I aimed for a modern, sleek, feasible, and functional look.

Image composition showing Dash's UI is displayed as a 3D object over a dark background in isometric view. Parts of the UI are hovering over each other, with the central viewport on top, in a dramatic display.


My own “What if...?” universe where Microsoft and Apple launched their smartphones in the mid and late 90s.This small series depicts some product and UI Design approaching this concept.

Dribbble shots

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iFood Shop

iFood Shop is Brazilian e-commerce for restaurants to restock their ingredients. I redesigned their desktop and mobile sites.

Image composition showing UI design deliverables: user interface mockup of a desktop e-commerce site over a purple background. iFood Shop's logo stands over the purple background site's header.


Sara is a health assistant app that helps users to schedule their exams, reminds them about the preparation steps, and sends exam results.

Work experience

I've spent the first 4 years of my career as an Information Architect, designing over 80 mobile apps for big Brazilian brands, such as CNova, Netshoes, Movile, and the Brazilian Olympic Committee.
As a UX generalist, I spent the next 7 years designing digital products (mainly mobile apps) for startups in Brazil and Australia, like iFood, Easy Taxi, Conductor, and Jora.
In 2018 I started mentoring UX Design students at Awari and in 2021 I debuted as a Usability professor at FESPSP, the Sociology and Politics School of Humanities in São Paulo, Brazil.

I have strong foundations in prototyping solutions for complex problems, that's why I'm passionate about UX Design.